SPARK VENTURES is P&G Beauty’s disruptive innovation studio, dedicated to partnering and venture building with agile and forward-thinking inventors, start-ups & entrepreneurs on new and disruptive business models.  From A-ha! To Voila!, from idea to prototype to production and beyond SPARK gives you access to global beauty expertise, unique capabilities, and unrivalled R&D knowledge, infusing our collaborations with a mix of the technical precision P&G is known for, and the intuition and artistry that are unique to beauty.  Do you have a disruptive idea, technology or new business model solution that will spark the future of beauty?

4 Current Needs

Pro Beauty

Enable consumers to achieve the satisfaction & results of professional services when & where they need it.

Responsible Beauty

Enable our consumers to tackle beauty jobs to be done with dramatically low (ideally no) strain on the environment, resources & waste streams. Focus on solving water scarcity, waste reductions and circular impact on haircare.

Z Beauty

Liberate our most diverse, fluid & expressive Gen-Z to reinvent their beauty identities with greater speed & ease across physical & virtual realities through digital, device and data solutions.

Bio Beauty

Understanding & triggering one’s own biology to systemically promote reactions that lead to greater & more holistic beauty outcomes.