Sustainability Solutions: Technology to Catalyze Industry Progress

Sustainability Solutions by P&G brings together meaningful technologies designed to tackle tough sustainability challenges the company faces across multiple business sectors. We believe that together with technology partners, we can positively impact tough sustainability challenges for P&G business and beyond.


Our recycling process takes nearly all imperfections out of scrap polypropylene and polyethylene and returns it to near-virgin quality. Working with partners to scale this capability means industry can access higher-quality recycled resin and put used PP and PE back into circulation.

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AeroFlexx is a liquid product packaging solution compatible with personal care, household goods, food, industrial, and pet care. It is an inflated flexible package that serves as a replacement for traditional blow-molded PET or HDPE bottles. AeroFlexx uses 50-70% less plastic than a benchmark rigid, can incorporate up to 50% recycled content, and has achieved technical recyclability. AeroFlexx is a privately-held company that licenses P&G’s IP.

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100% PET Aerosol

Recyclable aerosol packages with a 50-60% carbon footprint reduction- eliminate the metal spring and move to 100% PET!

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High Speed and High Resolution Laser Marking Technology

P&G has developed a proprietary, ultra-high speed and resolution laser marking and decoration technology - proven to mark at speeds up to 15x faster than current ‘off the shelf’ laser marking systems at about ~30% cost-of-capacity while reducing the environmental footprint of decorated packages and products by eliminating the need for adhesive/paper labels.

Interested parties can inquire about licensing this technology.