Gum Health

Seeking products, technologies or ingredients that reverse receding gums and/or heal and rebuild gum tissue.

Description of the need:

Products, technologies or ingredients that reverse receding gums and/or heal and rebuild gum tissue

What we are looking for:

Products, technologies or ingredients that can improve overall health and appearance of gums

Areas of interest are:

  • Treatment

    • Fast symptom reduction in gingivitis and associated gum problems (i.e. reduction in bleeding, redness or inflammation of gums and pain and tenderness of gums)

    • Reversal of gum recession

  • Prevention

    • Prevention of gingivitis or reduction in frequency in occurrence of associated gum problems

    • Protection and pain relief from gum problems

  • Nurture, Nourish, and Rejuvenate

    • Enhance health of gum tissue through strengthening, firming of the gum tissue or increasing natural resistance and resilience of the gums

    • Enhancement of the wound healing process for damaged gum tissue

  • Other

    • Cleaning & freshness through plaque removal, dispersion or prevention (sub-gingival and/or supra-gingival plaque)

Product form could include:

  • Leave-on

  • Rinse-off (toothpaste, mouth rinse)

  • Alternate or combination of forms

Preference is for solutions that:

  • Have clinical studies supporting benefit

  • Demonstrate noticeable improvements in gums to both the consumer and the professional

  • Where human safety has been confirmed or material(s) are food approved ingredients or GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)

  • Open to materials that offer benefits that need to be formulated into a product form

  • Open to different stages of regulatory approval for Oral Care products

  • Granted or filed patent applications are preferred

  • Could be pre or post normal daily oral routine, single use in morning or evening, throughout the day as and when needed or a short term booster

  • Delivery methods that provide increased contact of oral care actives with gums and/or sub-gingival delivery would also be considered

We are not interested in:

  • Technologies/products that require a prescription

Submissions need to have IP or other protection such as Trademark, Copyright or In-market to be considered.

Only non-confidential information can be reviewed.