P&G Trademark Licensing

P&G’s Trademark Licensing practice offers external partners the opportunity to harness the power of P&G’s trusted and well-known brands to innovate and grow categories where P&G does not participate, however remain meaningful to the consumer. How can you leverage the equity of P&G Brands to grow your business, provide category innovation and deepen connections with your key customers & consumers?

2 Current Needs

Braun Trademark Licensing Opportunities

Braun is internationally renowned for its brand equities of innovative German design, craftsmanship and sustainability. As a licensor, P&G continuously works to integrate its Trademark Licensee partners within the Braun megabrand and the result is one seamless brand offer to consumers, skillfully communicating the principles of Braun design across both core product and licensed products across Home, Healthcare and Lifestyle categories. Braun continues to search for new potential licensees who can deliver on Braun’s brand promise of beautifully designed, quality products which enhance consumers lives and are designed to last.

Febreze Trademark Licensing Opportunities

Febreze continues to seek potential licensees with high performing products in categories outside of P&G Air Care core businesses (air, fabric and car freshening) that support the key benefits of Febreze, which primarily includes mal odor removal leaving a light fresh scent.