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We are actively seeking innovation and partnership solutions in many of the business areas described below. We invite you to explore these areas and browse the posted needs. If a need is a match for your innovation, please click on that need to submit your solution for consideration.

Sometimes innovators bring us breakthrough solutions we didn't know we needed. If your innovation is not related to a posted need in the categories below, please click here to submit your innovation.

Fabric Care Innovations →

P&G’s Fabric Care category includes many of P&G’s most iconic brands such as Tide, Ariel, Downy/Lenor and Gain. We recently announced our ambition to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions across our supply chain and operations by 2040, from raw material to retailer, including clear interim targets for 2030. While we are making progress, the climate emergency calls for bolder and faster actions to decarbonize laundry across the entire value chain. We have strong partnerships in place, but we acknowledge we don’t have all the answers and we won’t let uncertainty hold us back. Join us in our mission to decarbonize laundry.


P&G LIFELAB engages with entrepreneurs and innovators around the globe to reinvent the consumer experience with new innovations; superior, inclusive design; company and brand citizenship; and human-centered technologies that connect and improve everyday life in simple and meaningful ways. We like to partner with you to create solutions against major corporate challenges.

Oral and Personal Health Care Innovations →

With trusted brands from Pampers to Pepto-Bismol, from Crest to Vicks, and from Always to Oral B, P&G helps consumers around the world care for their families’ health and comfort. Perhaps you have a proven solution for one of our needs?

Beauty and Grooming Innovations →

Inspired by a deep understanding of the needs of men and women, P&G delivers products with noticeable beauty, grooming, hair and skin care benefits – from Olay to Old Spice, from Braun to Gillette, from Pantene to Head & Shoulders, from Secret to Safeguard – to consumers around the globe. Do you have a patented new technology or other solution that could help?

SPARK P&G Beauty Ventures →

SPARK VENTURES is P&G Beauty’s disruptive innovation studio, dedicated to partnering and venture building with agile and forward-thinking inventors, start-ups & entrepreneurs on new and disruptive business models.  From A-ha! To Voila!, from idea to prototype to production and beyond SPARK gives you access to global beauty expertise, unique capabilities, and unrivalled R&D knowledge, infusing our collaborations with a mix of the technical precision P&G is known for, and the intuition and artistry that are unique to beauty.  Do you have a disruptive idea, technology or new business model solution that will spark the future of beauty?

Home Care Innovations →

P&G’s Home Care category has a rich history of successful businesses built via connect-and-develop including Swiffer Dusters, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and the most recent Microban 24 brand. P&G Home Care products delight our consumers by providing noticeably superior performance across many cleaning and disinfecting tasks throughout the home and beyond. Perhaps you have a product or technology that will help delighting consumers that would benefit from partnering with Swiffer, Mr. Clean, Dawn, Cascade, Fairy, Febreze or other Home Care brands? If so, please submit here!

Packaging Innovations →

P&G is known for innovative packaging and devices that help deliver benefits that improve the lives of our consumers. Please let us know if you have a solution for one of our packaging needs featured here.

Industrial and Manufacturing Innovations →

P&G would like to hear from companies who have developed innovations that can solve our needs in manufacturing, engineering and related areas.

Note, if you are a supplier of goods, materials, or services who wishes to be considered as a P&G supplier, is the right place for you to register and tell our Purchasing organization about your company’s offerings.

Digital, Business and Retail Innovations →

At P&G, we work hard to understand and stay in touch with the people who use our products and with the external partners who help us fulfill P&G’s purpose. If you think you may have an innovative opportunity that can help us, please review our needs in this area.

P&G Ventures Studio →

At P&G Ventures, we are focused on solving unmet consumer needs with iconic new products, and then developing those businesses to become the next billion-dollar brand. Our winning teams are delighting consumers, entering and growing new spaces for P&G that are outside of the Company’s current categories, such as pest control and therapeutic skin care. We’re uncovering the next big bets to truly change how consumers live. Have an idea, product or new technology? We want to hear from you!

P&G Trademark Licensing →

P&G’s Trademark Licensing practice offers external partners the opportunity to harness the power of P&G’s trusted and well-known brands to innovate and grow categories where P&G does not participate, however remain meaningful to the consumer. How can you leverage the equity of P&G Brands to grow your business, provide category innovation and deepen connections with your key customers & consumers?

Other Innovation Needs →

When we have a need that doesn’t fit neatly into one of the business categories on this site, we post it here.