P&G Ventures Studio

P&G Ventures fuels P&G growth by creating proven brands to better solve consumers’ everyday problems in product categories where P&G does not currently provide solutions today. Working with internal and external experts, innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world, P&G Ventures Studio identifies and develops technologies and business models in a fast-learning, startup-like, lean environment. Do you have a solution that will solve a consumer pain in one of our focus areas?

2 Current Needs

Healthy Skin

As the body’s largest organ, skin health is closely tied to overall health. P&G Ventures is looking for new technologies to help consumers keep their skin looking, feeling and functioning at its best especially in addressing acne, sun protection, hyperpigmentation, eczema and psoriasis.

Non-Toxic Home and Garden

The global home insecticide market is dominated by products formulated with harsh chemicals. P&G Ventures is interested in effective, safe solutions that control insects in and out of the home and on plants, are safe to use around people and pets, and perform as well or better than what’s on the market today.