Enhanced Delivery of Oral Care Actives and Flavors

To improve the performance and consumer experience of oral care products using formulation excipients to improve deposition, retention and protection of actives, flavors and sensates over 30 minutes to 8 hours.

Description of the need:

Improved overall consumer experience in multiple areas of oral care.

What we are looking for:

Benefit areas of interest are:
  •  Hard tissue

    • Improved delivery of monograph actives resulting in superior anti-cavity and/or increased reduction in dental hypersensitivity

    • Delivery and retention of materials onto the enamel surface to deliver a long lasting barrier against acid erosion

    • Delivery and retention of materials into the biofilm/plaque matrix for limiting enamel demineralizing challenges and enhancing remineralization and lesion repair

  • Gum Health

    • Increased delivery of stannous fluoride and/or CPC or other monograph actives that translates to increased reduction in Plaque, Plaque toxicity, and Gingivitis

  • Experiential Elements

    • Long lasting mouth retention technology that delivers flavors and sensates on soft tissues for 4+ hours or a change in hard tissue contact anel

    • Ideal delivery technology will also provide lubricity and slick mouth feel

  • Preferred product forms include Paste, Rinse, and gels; however other forms will be considered

Preference is for technologies where:
  • Technology deposits, retains and releases materials from both hard and/or soft tissues

  • Performance, stability and compatibility data has been shown in full oral care formulations that are aqueous based

    • By performance, we mean changes in salivary pK profiles, uptake in or on target surfaces vs standard technologies

  • Unique capability exists to demonstrate and quantify the benefit

  • Performance data exists (technical / consumer / clinical) versus appropriate negative controls

  • Human safety has been confirmed or material is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)

  • Granted or filed patent applications are preferred

We are not interested in:

  • Technologies that require extensive clinical development

Submissions need to have IP or other protection such as Trademark, Copyright or In-market to be considered.

Only non-confidential information can be reviewed.