P&G LIFELAB engages with entrepreneurs and innovators around the globe to reinvent the consumer experience with new innovations; superior, inclusive design; company and brand citizenship; and human-centered technologies that connect and improve everyday life in simple and meaningful ways. We like to partner with you to create solutions against major corporate challenges.

3 Current Needs

Conscious and Circular Beauty

For over 180 years, P&G has built brands that people trust and love, enabled by a culture of innovation and superiority across all elements of the consumer value proposition. Increasingly consumers and other stakeholders expect brands to meet performance and value expectations while also helping solve some of the most complex challenges facing our world. We expect this, too. In our Ambition 2030 goals and newly released Net Zero Ambition for 2040 ( P&G aims to enable and inspire positive impact on the environment and society while creating value for the Company and consumers. Solving the biggest challenges we face will require collaboration, which is why we are focused on creating partnerships that will enable people, the planet, and our business to thrive.

Democratizing Diverse Expression

Gen-Z is the largest, most ethnically diverse, fluidly expressive, and digital native consumer group with a significant role to play in shaping the future of beauty. With technology evolving all around us, it's safe to assume the products and services we know today will be very different in a decade. Advances such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G, IOT, sensors, and Artificial Reality/Virtual Reality are just a few technologies changing life as we know it. What role can technology play in amplifying the expression & control of consumers individual beauty needs and redefine the ‘jobs to be done’ by beauty products and how they do them.

Democratizing Professional Satisfaction

The majority of consumers believe the salon experience is the Standard of excellence to achieve their beauty results and spend 4x the amount of money at the salon versus on hair care products, annually. Consumers tend to be more satisfied with their end look when created by stylists versus themselves (roughly half the satisfaction via self). However, we have found that frequenting the salon is not necessary to meet most consumers’ priority hair care jobs, and there are several non-consumer groups that actually prefer caring & styling for their hair by themselves vs. at salon, There is a large opportunity to innovate around the concept of "salon results on my time" as this is clearly a big tension (money, time, convenience) for these consumers.