P&G LIFELAB engages with entrepreneurs and innovators around the globe to reinvent the consumer experience with new innovations; superior, inclusive design; company and brand citizenship; and human-centered technologies that connect and improve everyday life in simple and meaningful ways. We like to partner with you to create solutions against major corporate challenges.

5 Current Needs

Transforming Consumer Insights Research

Identify a new generation of cost-effective qualitative & quantitative research tools developed to capture and process measured data critical to research learning.

AI Technologies for Digital Expert Advisors

We are looking for potential partners and capabilities to raise the bar on our industry leading advisors (e.g. Olay Skin Advisor) to amplify their impact beyond product selection to achieve irresistible experiences and outcomes.

Synthetic Image and Label Data

We are looking for potential partners/providers to propose unique solutions, technologies to automate generation of "synthetic" image and label data as a critical building block in developing algorithms and models.

Automation of Daily In-Home Consumer Tasks

We are looking for potential partners to propose unique solutions, technologies, technology building blocks and services to automate daily in-home consumer tasks, chores and routines in meaningful, delightful and affordable ways.

Device Amplified Chemistry

We are looking for potential partners to propose unique technical solutions to general cleaning problems that today use primarily chemical means of action. We believe that addition of energy (like e.g., light, radiofrequency, electro-magnetic fields) aside from traditional mechanical action, could enhance cleaning jobs done by consumers. P&G is therefore looking for energy amplified chemistry solutions.