Oral Sensitivity and Pain

Seeking products, technologies or ingredients that relieve or prevent any kind of oral pain or discomfort or provide oral healing.

Description of the need:

Particular areas of pain relief are dentinal hypersensitivity, cancer sores and mediating oral sloughing (desquamation).

What we are looking for:

Products, technologies or ingredients that can improve overall sensitivity of teeth, gums or soft tissues

Areas of interest are:

  • Relief of teeth sensitivity/pain

  • Relief of gum sensitivity or soreness

  • Prevent teeth sensitivity/pain

  • Prevent gum sensitivity/pain

  • Rebuild enamel to protect from sensitivity

Product form could include:

  • Paste

  • Gel

  • Rinse

  • Strips

  • Paint-ons

  • Light based

Preference is for solutions that:

  • That have clinical studies supporting benefit; this could also include clinically significant benefit in enamel or gum repair

  • Demonstrate noticeable improvements in gums to both the consumer and the professional

  • Where human safety has been confirmed or material(s) are food approved ingredients or GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). US monographed ingredients if classified as an OTC

  • Ideally, have FDA approval under the appropriate class, or an expedited path to FDA approval; alternative regulatory paths could also be considered

  • Granted or filed patent applications are preferred

  • Delivery methods that provide increased contact of oral care actives with gums and/or sub-gingival delivery could also be considered

  • Technologies/products that have IP granted/filed or technologies with a viable Freedom to Practice/Operate

We are not interested in:

  • Technologies/products that require a prescription

Submissions need to have IP or other protection such as Trademark, Copyright or In-market to be considered.

Only non-confidential information can be reviewed.