Submission Criteria

To put it simply, P&G aims to partner with the world’s most innovative minds—from individual inventors and small businesses, to Fortune 500 companies—to deliver on the company’s most challenging opportunities.

Submission Criteria

In order to submit, your innovation should:

  • Be an innovative technology, ready-to-go product, unique expertise, or commercial opportunity
  • Address an unmet need for P&G customers, represent a superior solution to those currently in use, or enable us to offer a significantly better value to our consumers.
  • Include protectable intellectual property, typically in the form of a granted patent or published patent application.

Please do not submit:

  • Innovations you do not own or have the legal right to represent
  • Innovations about which you are unable to provide information on a nonconfidential basis.
  • Confidential information or documents.
  • Ideas, suggestions or thoughts that do not include protectable intellectual property.
    • Comments or suggestions about existing products. For product questions or problems, please contact the phone number provided on the packaging, or visit P&G Consumer Support.
  • Advertising ideas such as a song, slogan, ideas for a marketing promotion or script for a commercial.
  • Sales pitches for commodities or services. To learn about registering your company to be considered as a potential supplier to P&G, please visit P&G’s Supplier Portal.

What is P&G Looking For?


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