Receptor Incubator Challenge

Launched at Synbiobeta 2018, the Receptor Incubator Challenge is seeking approaches for developing bio-materials with novel functionality

Help Us Create

Biopolymers that can:

Become waste with value  (Marine Degradable; Compostable Polymers) // Be processed across a range of applications // Be scaled via agile production or distributed manufacturing.

Adhesives that:

Are self-healing biopolymers // Leverage bioinspired attachment // Generate omni-adhesive surfaces // Are energy catalyzed

Surface Active Materials of the Future that are:

10X more efficient than those available today // Naturally derived // Amphiphilic // Water-repellent through bioinspired features

Challenge awards include US$25,000 + 6 Months of mentoring and support from a P&G team that will work with you/or your team to help bring your idea, technology, platform or business model to life to help us create the next generation of bio-based products.