Oral and Personal Health Care Innovations

With trusted brands from Pampers to Pepto-Bismol, from Crest to Vicks, and from Always to Oral B, P&G helps consumers around the world care for their families’ health and comfort. Perhaps you have a proven solution for one of our needs?

4 Current Needs

Sleep Technologies

We are interested in opportunities (i.e. products and technologies) that complement our Sleep portfolio (ZzzQuil and PURE Zzzs.

Diagnostic Technologies for Health Care

Seeking solutions that enable the consumer to monitor their health (including habits & behaviors), identify areas of concern, and drive good health practices.

Respiratory Technology

Our preference is to find opportunities that are on-market, market-ready, or require limited development. Opportunities may consist of new product forms, packaging innovations, delivery technologies, or new products.

Vitamins Minerals Supplements

We are interested in products, technologies and packaging that improve general health and wellness including benefit areas of: Immunity, De-Stress, and Nerve Health using Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements.