Home Care Innovations

P&G's Home Care category has a rich history of successful businesses built via connect-and-develop including Swiffer Dusters, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and the most recent Microban 24 brand. P&G Home Care products delight our consumers by providing noticeably superior performance across many cleaning and disinfecting tasks throughout the home and beyond. Perhaps you have a product or technology that will help delighting consumers that would benefit from partnering with Swiffer, Mr. Clean, Dawn, Cascade, Fairy, Febreze or other Home Care brands? If so, please submit here!

11 Current Needs

Products, Technologies, Ingredients or Devices that Significantly Reduce or Eliminates Water Used to Clean

We would like to identify products, technologies, ingredients or devices that address specific category pain points in a way that significantly reduces or eliminates the water used to clean. Today soils are removed from surfaces into a water solution that is then flushed away from surfaces, leaving them clean. The surfaces include laundry, dishes, sinks, toilets, tubs etc.

Overall Wellness/Health in Fabric and Home Care

We are looking for products, technologies or ingredients that can provide claimable/measurable improvements in overall wellness in Fabric Care and Home Care.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions for Liquid and Dry Products

Looking to identify materials, delivery systems or packaging solutions that can improve overall LCA/sustainability profile of our products and packages.

eComm Packaging Solutions for Cleaning Liquid and Unit-Dose Cleaning Products

Packaging solutions for cleaning Liquid product, and for Unit-dose cleaning product, suitable for e-commerce channels.

Home Care Antimicrobial Solutions

Seeking novel antimicrobial actives and/or full formulations that deliver improved efficacy and lower toxicity than traditional biocides for use on home surfaces (kitchens, bathrooms, soft surfaces, air)

Product Solutions for Breakthrough Convenience in Cleaning

Seeking novel technologies, devices and/or integrated systems thereof that provide a breakthrough in cleaning convenience relative to traditional and readily available conventional tools today. Intended for use in the home, for both hard and soft surfaces for both the floor and off the floor.

Product Solutions for Malodor Mitigation

Seeking products, devices or ingredients that can remove, destroy or prevent malodors for indoor spaces, including air, hard and soft surfaces and fabrics (homes, cars, upholstery, carpet, clothing, commercial buildings, elderly care homes, hotels).

Robotic Enabled Cleaning Solutions

Seeking robotic devices, components, and/or accessories that enable automated hard floor cleaning in a quick and convenient way

Stain Protection and/or Repellency for Soils or Pollutions Protection

SeekingnNovel technologies and/or full formulations that deliver enhanced cleaning in terms of stain protection and/or repellency for soils or pollution protection. Intended for use in the home surfaces including both hard and soft surfaces.

Product Solutions that Improve Air Quality

We are looking for products and/or devices that improve indoor air quality by removing harmful materials and/or add things to air that improves the quality of the air.

Sensors that can Provide Accurate and Discriminating Information in the Air and on Surfaces

What we are looking for: • Sensors for measuring and distinguishing odors and unique VOC’s such as Aldehydes, Alcohols, Terpenes, Acids, Amines and Sulfurs. • Sensors that can measure and distinguish biologicals in the air such as bacteria, virus, mold, allergens, pet dander. • Sensors that can measure and distinguish soils and biologicals on surfaces