Technologies for Sampling Interstitial Fluid in Skin

Interstitial fluid (ISF), the fluid in spaces between the cells, is a novel source of biomarkers that compliments conventional sources like blood and urine. The use of ISF for therapeutic drug monitoring, dermatological diagnoses and continuous biomarker measurements provides unique information and is potentially pain-free.


Despite the advantages, ISF has received limited attention due to the lack of simple collection methods. Thus, there is a need for a simple ISF collection method.

Description of the need:

We need to access ISF to advance discovery of novel biomarkers related to skin health and whole-body health and enable us to use ISF for monitoring delivery/bioavailability of actives and sensing and demoing product efficacy (first use benefit).

What we are looking for:

Technologies Sampling Interstitial Fluid in Skin

  • Minimally invasive – No hypodermic needles or large instrumentation needed.

  • Simple – Allow for simple, point-of-care collection of ISF.

  • Quick – Collection can be done within minutes in clinic or at home.

  • Clean – Blood-free.

  • Compliant – Safety and regulatory clearance for use.

  • Flexible – Easy to be integrated with microfluidic, lateral flow, or electrochemical device.

We are not interested in:

  • Tape strips, swabs, and other techniques that only sample stratum corneum.

  • Invasive techniques that involve blood.

Please note that only non-confidential information describing the business & services model, current use and IP can be accepted for review.